Search Engine Optimization with Prime Digital

The purpose of a search engine optimization is to make your website more visible on the internet. Let your potential customers find you on Google and other search engines and get more traffic (more visitors). 

Become more visible on Google and other search engines with SEO and turn visitors into customers

We pride ourselves on providing top SEO services in the UAE.

Our advanced three-stage process:

  • SEO analysis
  • SEO strategy
  • Implementation and result
  • SEO analysis

The first step in designing an effective digital strategy is to do an SEO analysis.

Everything that is digital is also measurable, therefore there is no reason to guess. We do our analysis based on actual data. Questions you should ask yourself include: Who is our target audience? What content would we like to display?

In our SEO analysis, we begin by making an evaluation of your current situation. At this stage, we look at four areas:

  1. Availability:

SEO analysis: How visible are you to your target audience and how easy is it to find your products or services? How do you rank towards your target group today? How much of your site traffic is from Google? (or other search engines).

Are you ranking from the keywords that you are using today?

We want to have a clear picture of your current situation before going further on evaluating keywords.

  1. Keywords:

What are your customers looking for? By understanding the customer’s needs, one can create an image of which search phrases they use when they are searching for your products /services. The most important keywords must be on your website for Google to perceive you as relevant. This is controlled thru text content and visual content, also thru tags in the code and in URLs.

  1. On-page & Off-page factors:

For effective SEO optimization, one must examine factors both internally on your website and on external pages that affect your ranking in search engines. This includes possibly duplicate content, URL structures, hierarchies, and links. Can Google find the material you already have on your site? How is the page structure, the tags, and the links?

  1. Competitor Analysis:

Who are your main competitors and what keywords do they work with? If you are in an industry with high competition, we help you find relevant keywords that you can “own”.

Are there any keywords closely linked to your industry? Be sure to work with those words.

By mapping these areas, we can begin to create an overall picture of your competitors today.,

  • SEO-strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to increase your digital presence in order to ultimately generate more businesses.

Perhaps the most important point is to always have control over what is being done to strengthen a website on Google. Prime Digital will give you full transparency.

The biggest mistake in SEO reference is that you express yourself differently from the potential customer/visitor. This leads to lower relevance in Google.

Titles, introductions, headings, body text. All of these factors are extremely important. They should be well designed and maintain high quality.

Prime Digital will help you with this and we will compare your website before and after the SEO has been done.

  • Implementation and result

After the implementation, we compare the result you had before with the new results.

You will receive a report based on the old data and the new data.

Welcome to contact us today for an SEO quotation, we are on Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. Email: [email protected]. Phone number: +971-(0)26-710-355