Professional social media marketing in the UAE

Attract the right target group.

Grow together with your ideal customers.

We build social media thru marketing about the customers’ needs and how you as a company can satisfy them, welcome to visit us at our office in Abu Dhabi.

People’s interests and behaviors are always changing. A meme today can be gone tomorrow. That’s why we invest in ongoing, real-time listening to guarantee your brand capitalizes on what’s new and what’s next and is never left behind.

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. You get what you give. In this environment, we believe that engaging social brands don’t just talk, they listen. And they don’t just share, they deliver value.

A selection of our social marketing offerings:

  • E-commerce marketing
  • Marketing consulting
  • Digital strategy
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Social media consulting
  • SEO

We help companies to market themselves anywhere, all over the UAE or at designated locations. If you have business in Abu Dhabi with a branch, for example in Dubai, which you want to promote a little extra, you can ask us to do it. We have the tools and expertise to work with local social media in Abu Dhabi and in other places, according to your wishes.

To best fulfill your specific need, you will be assigned one contact person at Prime Digital who takes care of all the external social media communication.

That person will be aware of your company needs and will follow your business progress closely. We believe that if we keep a close relationship with our customers and listen to their needs then we can provide them with the best social media service in the UAE.

In today’s digital world you have to be diverse and have several social media accounts, especially in the UAE where there are so many nationalities with different social media habits.

A regular consumer sees about 3000 brands in one day, the consumer has an ultra-short attention span of seven seconds is the average online.

  • At Prime Digital we try to focus on writing social media posts that consumers care about, activities that add value to consumers lives.
  • At Prime Digital we connect with your followers in a friendly way. We treat your social media space as if it was your physical shop or office and we act as if we were the salesperson or the receptionist. We reply to all request’s, questions and comments from customers and followers that you have.
  • At Prime Digital we try to post the social media on the day and the time when most of your followers are probable to read it.
  • At Prime Digital we rather focus on writing a good post on social media than many posts that no one pays attention to.

Here are some social media statistics for the United Arab Emirates, fetched from the Crowd Analyzer report 2018:


According to the crowd sourcing report in 2018; The majority of Facebook users in UAE published their content in English. The majority of users accessed the platforms from their Android phones. Expats were 6.3m out of 8.5m active users in the country.


Most of Emirati users on Instagram preferred to publish their content in English. Meanwhile, most of them used Android phones* with more than 2.2m users. Shopping and Fashion, and food were the most interesting interactive topics on the platform in UAE.


Most Twitter users in UAE prefer to publish their content in English rather than Arabic. Also, most of those who use Twitter are most interest in fitness and sports.


In the UAE, Crowd Analyzer highlighted that female users were the most active on Snapchat. The country had the lowest number of Android users, and millennials also were most users.


For professional networking site LinkedIn, UAE had the highest number of users compared to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Given that the country is a business hub in the region, all the positions were present with a high percentage.

The most used hashtags in English in United Arab Emirates:












The most used hashtags in Arabic in United Arab Emirates:












You can download the full statistic report from Crowd Analyzer here.(72 pages, 32 megabytes)