Professional marketing for e-commerce in the UAE

How to increase the sales from your online shop

Our overall perspective in e-commerce makes us unique to cooperate with. Prime digitals’ e-commerce consultants will help you to achieve your business goals. As an agency, we always depart from your specific needs and then we execute marketing campaigns based on analyzing, planning and implementing all digital activities through several channels.



Search engine optimization is the method which will give the best return on investment over time. The disadvantage of search engine optimization is that it takes time, if you have a new online store, it can take up to 4-6 months before you see the results of the work done. Doing the basic SEO when creating the online store is therefore important.

Many e-commerce businesses are failing right from the start, by only working with product images and not creating their own product text.

Create your own product text, and don’t use the text that the supplier gives you, otherwise you are most likely to suffer from something called duplicate content and your product pages will most likely not be shown at all because the search engines see that the same text is on several online stores.

Search engine optimization is a must to succeed in doing business online, especially when you run an online store. At Prime Digital we can help you improve the SEO on your online store.

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AdWords is Google’s way of selling sponsored links. AdWords is a really good way to get started, unlike search engine optimization, these ads appear directly, and it increases the chances of getting your sales started quickly. AdWords is also good for existing online stores that are up and running, it is simply about optimizing a campaign so that CPC (cost per click) or CPO (cost per order) will be lower than your profit on sales. It is also an excellent tool when you want to push for a specific product, or when you are running an online sale campaign, as you can easily edit the texts and the links on the ads. By advertising on online you are strengthening your brand. Imagine you are the client and you search online on Google to buy a camera. You do the search and a list of paid links to online camera stores shows up. First, you see the paid ads and then you see the organic rankings below. Many clients will think that online shops with paid ads tend to be more serious and active than the ones without paid ads.

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Social Media

Create your business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where you can easily communicate with your followers.

Develop your Facebook page with applications that are relevant to your business (page tabs where you can present campaigns etc.).

Upload instructional videos or more informal clips such as when you unpack the boxes. People like to see the people behind the company and the brand. Create a profile on YouTube where the movies are published and embed the movies on your site and on your social media.

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Influencer marketing = Very specific target groups

Advice for those who want to collaborate with bloggers:

Today many companies are turning to bloggers to communicate their message. It’s called “influencer marketing”. More and more companies choose to contact bloggers directly. It is common for bloggers to receive financial or material compensation for writing marketing posts, which is a positive development for bloggers.

If you want to get help from bloggers to promote your services or products, it is important to have a plan for collaboration in advance.

Here are some things to consider:

Be sure to find a blogger whose elaborate theme/concept is relevant to your business and whose readers match your target audience. Both of you want to get the most out of a possible collaboration. The blogger with most followers is not always the best, so do not just go on visitor statistics, focus on finding a suitable ambassador for your company.

Follow the law

Be clear when communicating with the blogger and follow the law,

Here is a recent article about the influencer compensation law in the UAE

Read: Gulf News social media influencer law explained (opens in a new window)

Advertising in magazines

This can work if you are extremely niche, for example if you sell pet food and advertise in a magazine about pets. If you want to build a brand and awareness, then this model of advertising can work. The advantage of magazines, is that they often stay much longer on the living room table than a daily newspaper that is thrown in the evening or the day after.