How many unique visitors does your website have? What content is it that draws the most traffic?

What content is it that draws the most traffic? 
These questions and many more can be answered with Google Analytics.

Measuring traffic on your own website is very important in digital marketing. It is no wonder it is becoming increasingly important for companies to show how their own communication efforts produce results.

Google Analytics is Google’s own statistic tool and it is used to measure and understand traffic on various websites. In other words, Google Analytics opens opportunities for companies to take control of their site.
It is easy to make mistakes in the work with measurements. Often, the misses depend on the fact that one does not have a clear purpose, which means that the analysis becomes weak.

– There are lots of data in Google Analytics and it is very easy to make it difficult for oneself by deepening in the tool too much. In order to avoid mistakes, one should concentrate on what is important for the company’s own and produce the key figures that are relevant.
Prime Digital can find out what to do with the statistics and help position you for growth.

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